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What is the Mission of HEAL Alliance?

The mission of HEAL Alliance is to collectively fund and find a cure for HIV faster and to ultimately eradicate HIV by treating and curing people living with HIV and ending transmission of HIV. 

What is the Collective Common Goal of HEAL Alliance?

The Collective Common Goal of HEAL Alliance is to engage and unite the global public health community and the international finance community to cure and eradicate HIV in synergy with Cancer Immunotherapy science, technology and expertise.  HEAL Alliance is a collective, cooperative, 100% transparent, global managed commons on blockchain.  Open and inclusive, all are welcome to participate in delivery on mission!

How does it work?

HEAL Alliance has developed a new solution to the HIV/AIDS epidemic with a model to secure new public/private funding to find a cure and eradicate HIV.  HEAL Alliance plans to issue the Smart Impact Bond® known as HEAL Bond on Blockchain Series ABC and M (“HEAL Bond on Blockchain”).  The HEAL Bond is inspired by the highly successful Gavi “vaccine bond” model for public/private funding.  The proceeds of HEAL Bond on Blockchain will be invested to fund the global HEAL Alliance network of ‘HIV Cure Centers’ for ultimate treatment of people living with HIV, at ‘Immunotherapy Cure Centers’ with participating medical institutions.  HEAL Alliance is an open, collaborative and transparent non-profit model which will utilize an Intellectual Property (IP) Commons model to support the research and development of treatment-free remission of HIV.  The HEAL Bond on Blockchain will accelerate the pace and clinical development of HIV cure-related studies around the world and catalyze the distribution and deployment of HIV cure translational medical science with participating medical institutions. 

How much money does the HIV/AIDS epidemic actually cost us all?

For the 1.05 billion people living in the IMF 37 advanced economies the estimated annual cash cost of the HIV/AIDS epidemic is $66 billion – a cash cost of $63 dollars for every person, each and every year, with absolutely no end in sight to the epidemic.  The next twenty years of HIV/AIDS will cost more than $1.3 trillion in public health cash funding.  In the developing economies, with over 35 million people living with HIV, the long-term social and economic cost of the HIV/AIDS epidemic is unfathomable.

Why cure HIV?

The cure for HIV will save millions of lives and save billions of dollars of limited public health funding for better healthcare for all. Once discovered, the cure for HIV pays for itself with vast expected long term cost savings for public health institutions. Extensive public health financial analysis data available on request.


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HEAL Alliance Board of Directors



Dr. Jack Whitescarver

Chairman (pro bono)

Erik H. Iverson

Vice Chair (on sabbatical)

Peter Jensen Portrait New

Peter A. Jensen

Executive Director (pro bono)


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